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Neither my knitting or my modelling, but here are the Op Art inspired socks Jane has been working on for a while now:

Green and purple patterned socks

Op Art Socks

The pattern is inspired by Op Art, a 20th century movement that explored optical illusions, in this case the way varying sizes of rectangle create a false illusion of the surface. This was definitely an advanced knitting project!

I took the photo using natural light and my f/1.8 lens open all the way to f/2.0. I was far enough away that the depth of field was deep enough to reasonably capture the subject and, bumping the ISO to 400, was able to keep just about within hand-holding speeds (1/25s – this was the best of four shots). I also had to manually set the white balance, for which the white bathroom door (this is the lino of the bathroom floor as a backdrop) was perfect. Since it took a bit of work to capture the image, I am including it as part of my 52photos project.

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