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Lost then Found

With various people away over the last month, The String Project has had a little break from rehearsals so it was good to be catching up and making music again tonight. Except, last night, I realised I couldn’t find my music folder!

We also had a guest staying over much the same period and so Jane and I have been using an airbed in what is normally the main music room, so I wondered if it had got misplaced. Certainly, I haven’t quite got back to the previously familiar mess in there. However, the folder was not to be found. I’ve got all the music electronically so could recreate the folder but I wanted to solve the mystery.

It turns out that I had left it round at Ben’s after the previous rehearsal. I’ve either been practising String Project music from memory or from music on the computer so I hadn’t spotted the problem earlier (although, since he was one of those away, that wouldn’t have helped much in any case). Anyway, I reunited with my music now… although my favourite part of the evening was actually the completely improvised extended intro we did for one of the songs.

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