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With Limits

I am now into the final section of the TU812 Managing Systemic Change module and working on the End-of-Module Assessment (EMA). I have a particular ‘situation of concern’ in mind and am working on revising course material, reading more widely and using various diagramming techniques, like ‘system maps’ and ‘rich pictures’ so that, when I start to write in earnest, I am equipped to pick a good path through.

Like my fellow students, I am also thinking about the requirements of the EMA; I don’t want to lose marks by ignoring the instructions on content and layout. One of the major constraints is the word limit; I will have to pack my argument carefully, leaving out the kitchen sink! In the module forum yesterday, it was observed that this is a bit like writing a haiku. I couldn’t resist the challenge, and have raised a few smiles with the following contribution:

Writing with limits
Squeezing my inspiration;
Does less or more flow?

In some ways, it is just doggerel, observing the 5-7-5 syllable pattern often employed in English language haiku but not really having the seasonal link that is regarded as another feature. However, while mainly composed for fun, I think it does capture an interesting question. Holding a finger at the end of a hose came to mind. Unless you completely occlude the hole, I suspect the flow rate stays the same but the turbulence and pattern of the emerging water is changed and sometimes more beautiful:

Finger tip on hose end:
Consistent flow, higher pressure,
Producing rainbows.

Word limits, I embrace you!

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