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What is the difference between countries? What colours in between the invisible lines on the ground? No matter their national identity, humans all breathe air, consume food and drink and need shelter and sleep. However, there are plenty of tangible differences.┬áSome of these are hard-wired – literally – like the different types of sockets and voltages of national power systems or unmissable, like different languages. Others are more subtle, such as the way words are used in a ‘common’ language – people walking around in their pants or perking after church, either of which sounds odd in British English but less remarkable in various places on the other side of the Atlantic.

Beyond language though, there are plenty of other differences. Often these are in the form of subtle assumptions. Do you tip in a restaurant, and how much? Will your drink get refilled for free? Should you build a fence around your property or put up curtains? For what things do you say please or thank you?

That said, these things shade from region to region and are influenced by migration. Mind you, perhaps the same could be said of nationhood too?

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