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The Lovely Thing About the Weather

I’ve had a busy week at work, having started on a program of meeting all the senior researchers in my department. We are spread across a number of buildings and sites and, because they are all busy people, I can’t dictate a fixed times and so I am doing a lot of walking back and forth.

However, not only are the meetings themselves fascinating but there are some fringe benefits. Sometimes I can spend all day at my desk so it is healthy to get a bit more exercise in. Furthermore, we have had some lovely weather this week so it has been a delight to have lots of excuses to get outside as I walk around. Checking the forecast, this looks set to continue into next week so, despite having another busy schedule ahead, I think I’ll be fine.

I wonder how it would feel if it was cold and wet instead? I think I’m happy to leave that as a thought experiment; may the brightness of spring persist!

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