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Thicker Sound

So, how did my fauxbucker FX settings work on Sunday? By that I mean the patches designed to make my Strat type guitar sound a bit more Les Paul-ish. I’ve called it ‘Thicker’ on my Zoom FX unit although I’m tempted to rename it to ‘fauxbucker’ (which I made up just now but turns out to have been used a few times before by others trying for a similar end).

It sounded pretty nice but, with a large band for Easter Sunday, did seem to get a bit lost in the mix at times. The thinner, single coil sound shimmers through more clearly although, whatever sound I’m using, my role in that context is normally to add the icing as plenty of others are looking after the cake. I’m going to keep the patch though – I think it might be better when the group is smaller and I’m leading the music, so that I’m providing the engine of the sound.

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