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Fenced In

Jane and I enjoyed a walk along the Thames at Dorchester this morning. The weather was overcast and cool, with a few spots of rain on the way down, but stayed dry.

It was a pleasurable stroll but we did note that, since we last went down there a year or two back, a lot more fences have gone up. Given the relatively high volume of people strolling in the area and evidence that not all dog owners are very good at clearing up after their pets, I can understand why the landowner might have chosen to do that but it does detract a little from the previous charm of the area. The walking is the same but it feels less open.

I didn’t take my camera (still got a large backlog of photos) but that meant I could carry my spotting scope, which gave me a close-up view of a young siskin, which I think I would pick as my highlight of the day.

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