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Google Wants Me to Vote

I just logged onto my Google Calendar account and spotted a banner across the top reminding me about the date of the UK General Election, asking if I wanted to save it.

Big companies have to be (well, should be) cautious how they throw their weight around in the field of politics but I think this is an acceptable and helpful interaction. While not all outcomes would equally please me, I think everybody looses if the turnout is low. Turnout for the recent council elections was around 30%, not an impressive figure. Even if June’s result delights me, it will be flawed if the General Election turnout is low.

I’ve always stayed registered to vote. If you aren’t, I think you have a little more time to get on the list; if you are, the important thing is to save the date and go along, even if you can only bring yourself to spoil your paper or vote for the comedy candidate. Hopefully, you can make a better choice but at least don’t vote for the continued rule of apathy and indifference.

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