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Measure Without Rushing

Counsel of perfection: when making beer, measure the dry ingredients before setting the water to boil. Today, I’m cooking up a wort based on Graham Wheeler’s Hop Back Summer Lightning recipe. The recipe just calls for pale malt but I wanted to use up the last of my Maris Otter Extra Pale Malt as part of the mix as well as to try out some of the Pale Wheat Malt. Unfortunately, when putting the malt bags away, I realised that I’d switched the wheat malt with the Maris Otter Pale Malt I was planning to be the main single ingredient. So, we’ll have to see if my Wheat Lightning beer turns out any better than the infamous White Lightning cider!

I’m also using double portions of the East Kent Goldings hops but that is deliberate as I realised how faded the pellets seemed compared to the Challenger pellets that I bought this morning. Mash done, boil about to start and I’ll check the gravity tomorrow morning.

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