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Finishing the Set

I don’t intend to add all three “Looking Down on the Garden” views to my 52photos project each month but this one will see me just about caught up:

View from an upstairs Window

Looking down on the Herb Hexagon – June 2017

Of course, you can’t see much of the ‘herb hexagon’ that is the titular point of focus. That’s because we’ve got our new Rotaire Dryline cover in place. You may recall that I mis-measured my first purchase and it was too small (although it became a gift rather than being wasted). This one was actually a bit too big as I overdid my attempt to not go too small but I managed to fit it with some short extensions on the end of each arm. Perhaps a clear measuring guide and a series of overlapping sizes would help, so that the customer could pick something as close as possible to the middle of one of the ranges?

The nets are up here, which stops bees and other insects getting trapped inside so much. This is probably more of a problem for us as the line sits over flowering plants like lavender. It has actually been too hot and dry to get the real benefits for most of the time since we’ve installed it but today we’ve actually had some rain showers. It will really come into its own when we get sustained periods of wet weather and we can still keep hanging our washing outside to let the water evaporate, rather than inside, to let it increase the humidity of the house.