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I probably don’t need to tell you to vote or that I’ve now voted. I think I have made my views clear in the past, including yesterday’s post, and I had thought I might take the lead from the rules that prohibit the media from broadcasting about politics on the day of a General Election. Walking back from my local polling station though, I┬áreflected that I don’t give a lot of credence to the ideas that your one tiny vote doesn’t matter nor to the suggestion that it doesn’t make a difference who gets in.

At the 2015 election, about 34% of registered voters didn’t bother. If that was counted as a choice, “Couldn’t be Bothered” would have won a sizeable majority, far outstripping the Conservative victory. On the other hand, “None of the Above” got less than 1% of the vote and the current way of counting spoilt ballots doesn’t separate out those who actively wanted none of the candidates from other reasons for not accepting the papers. After some searching to pin down a suitable source, I’m taking those figures from the Vote or Vote None website, which suggests how to demonstrate that you want different choices rather than no choice at all, but it concurs with figures I remember seeing elsewhere.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a break from politics. I’m not certain the results will make me happy although, at this stage, I don’t think anyone can claim to have it in the bag. However, I would be very grateful if you could see your way to not giving “Couldn’t be Bothered” yet another landslide victory.

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