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Art for a Week

Jane and I are spending a week at the Oxford Summer School again, doing arty things. She is doing a course called Abstract Impressions and I’m doing one called Contemporary and Abstract Watercolours. Don’t expect our output to be too figurative. Here is one of my pieces from the first day:

Abstract Watercolour

Painting 1

It isn’t finished but it is already a long way from what I started looking at. It began with ‘blind drawing’ – tracing lines in a scene with the eye and following that with a pencil without looking at the page. It is a great exercise for seeing but isn’t going to lead to a very representational image. Later in the day, I used another blind drawing of the drawing to sketch out ideas on the watercolour paper before beginning to fill in with colours. Tomorrow, I need to think about how to develop this… and to keep my mind open for the next set of concepts.

I’ll count this one towards my 52photos project – shot with the iPad as a decent and portable camera.

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