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Oxfordshire’s Llama Farms

During my time based in Oxford I have come across rather more local llama farms than I might once have thought likely. I have commented on local llamas before. Today, Jane and I set out on a short walk starting from the village of Sunningwell. We missed a turning, which wasn’t as clearly signed as the book had suggested, but, as a result, we discovered another one partway along Fox Lane. There was a field full of them, as well as another field containing a few deer and a solitary emu. Of course, they could have been alpacas (less tall, shorter noses, softer fur) but, having looked at some pictures, I think llamas is a more likely identification.

Even aside from this potential addition to another book I will probably never write, it was probably a fortuitous detour. We didn’t get as far as Jarn Mound, which was the original target of the walk, but that meant we didn’t take so long and spend less time being rained on. We didn’t get too wet and got a chance to have a drink outside at the Flowering Well back in Sunningwell. However, it was beginning to come down again by the time we set off and I think we would have returned much damper if we had done the full route as intended.

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