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Plums with that?

Mulled plums, plum cordial, plum clafoutis…

Plums hanging on a tree


… plums in rum, dried plums, plum jam. Oh, and plums.

Our Prunus domestica ‘Herman’ tree is doing brilliantly this year. Even aside from the green plums I pickled earlier in the year (improving with time), I’ve now had over 5kg of harvest with more to come. I’ve already produced all the items named in my litany of plum recipes and I’ll need to keep on top of them for a few days to come.

I’m also going to count this towards my 52photos project. I used my Lensbaby lens with a star shaped aperture and have also tweaked the colours by using the curves tool and also by a translucent, overlaid copy in “hard light” mode (all done with The GIMP).

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