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Drip Stopped

On Facebook this week, I have noticed a lot of my fellow UK-dwellers complaining about the wet weather. Not me though. Not only do I remember the tradition of British summer weather being on the damp side but there have been other benefits. One has been to recharge the water butts in the garden. The other has been to test my handiwork skills.

A few days ago, when it was dry, I was up a ladder at the front of the house, having another look at a gutter joint that had been leaking. I realised that it wasn’t properly clipped in place. I should have noticed that on my previous ascent but I had the ladder better positioned this time so I was able to get higher and still feel stable. Fixing that might have been enough but I decided to go belt and braces and also used some of the silicon sealant I’d purchased in the meanwhile to reinforce the joint.

Plenty of rain to test it these last few days and I’m pleased to say it seems that the job’s a good ‘un.

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