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Bowl of elderberries on their stems


You probably recognise those as elderberries rather than neurons but, seeing the bowl of them did put me in mind of images I have seen of structures for thinking; signals flowing round a complex network of connections. I will count this photo, taken on my iPad, towards my 52photos project.

The berries aren’t very dark but I think they were ripe as, on some of the lower bunches, I could see empty spikes where they had begun to fall off. It seems odd, since the tree itself (Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’) is one of the dark leaved elders. It has pinkish flowers but, at the end of the process, the berries come out dark red rather than shining black. I’ve since taken the berries off the stalks and mashed them along with some crabapples to extract the juice; tomorrow, I’ll make time to turn that into an elderberry jelly.

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