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Thank you to the squirrel

We don’t have a walnut tree in or even in sight of our garden, so I suspect a local squirrel is responsible for dropping several green walnuts on the lawn. Jane mowed the grass this afternoon so we picked them up and I’ve set the best of them going in an experiment in making pickled walnuts:

Jar of green walnuts in brine

Pickling Walnuts

Once washed, they were pricked all over with a skewer. I had already measured the amount of water needed to cover them and gently heated that with salt in the ratio 5:1, creating a simple brine. They will sit in that for five days with an occasional shake, then another five days in a fresh brine solution before being left to dry (up to a week) and finally being sealed away in a pickling solution. By that time, they should have turned black and, somewhere round Christmas, they should be ready to try.

I am also going to count this image towards my 52photos project. I took it with the iPad and used the built in Photos app to make a few adjustments to colour and contrast.

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