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Hello Trello

I’ve been aware of online ‘organising board’ service Trello for several years now but haven’t dug into it too deeply as I’ve had a home-brewed system bubbling along, involving Inkscape and a diagram of jobs I’m doing, jobs I ought to be doing and things where I’ve managed to pass the responsibility to someone else (but where I might still need to do some chasing). It works pretty well and I’ve been running it for more than a decade but it has its limitations and, since Trello is still going and gently developing, I figured it was time to give it a closer look.

A few days in, I’ve found a reasonable way to represent what I was doing before and add in a few tweaks. It isn’t quite the same though – like learning another language, sometimes you can translate directly and sometimes you need to think about what you are expressing in a different way to scrabble towards fluency. I still haven’t entirely committed to the switch but I’ll give it at least a few more weeks and then make a decision on whether to stick with it for a trellonger time…

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