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Painting Staithes

Here is a watercolour piece I have been working on, making use of the neutral tint I picked up on Friday:

Abstract image of houses at Staithes


I think I’ve reached the point at which I’ll leave it alone.¬†You can see how it has developed since a few days ago:

An earlier stage of the same image

Staithes – earlier stage of work

If you look back at the original sketch I did on location, you can see how I have pulled out a few features – rooftops and the dominant cliff in the background – and discarded most of the others:

Plein Air sketch of Staithes

Staithes – Watercolour Sketch

Finally, take a look at a photo taken on the same day:

Staithes - scene shown as a photograph

Staithes – Photo

It isn’t representational art but it is still rooted in a real place.

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