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Pour Strategy

When I previously mentioned my Ruby Saison brew, I noted that it was a gusher and I hadn’t managed to pour it cleanly even with a painstakingly slow process of loosening the bottle cap. While I’m still planning to make another attempt that will minimise the amount of sediment in the bottle, I have found a better way to drink the present batch.

My new pouring strategy is to open the bottle and immediately empty into a large jug. Last night I used a 2+ litre jug for a 330ml bottle and that was enough to safely contain the foam but I wouldn’t have wanted anything much smaller. After a couple of minutes, a reasonable glassful could be poured and, a little later, the rest was added (still with a reasonable head of foam). I still haven’t figured out a way to get the beer out in its apparent bottle clarity but at least I’m not spending twenty minutes working the cap to try and release excess gas before ending up with a result that was no better.

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