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Red Sky … at Noon?

If shepherds delight in a red sky in the evening and. conversely, make preparations if they see a red sky in the morning, what do they do with a red sky at noon? There have been reports of unusually warm tones in the sky from across the UK as the result of particles dragged into the upper atmosphere by the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia, which is also making its presence felt on land today.

In Oxford, the sky seemed more golden than red, like what photographers call the ‘golden hour’ and, while I was cycling down to town for an afternoon meeting, had turned more of a bruised colour. I wonder what it will be doing by the time it comes to cycle home? Anyway, meeting starting so time to finish this post.


  1. We had some interesting sky colours yesterday morning, before Ophelia properly arrived. At one point it was a colour I was struggling to find a word for, but I think ‘bruised’ does nicely. I trust it didn’t get too windy in Oxford, at least while you were cycling home. Up here in North Wales we had at least 70mph winds (but fortunately I didn’t have to try cycling in it as I’d lost my voice with a heavy cold and had the day off work in any case).

    • It didn’t get anywhere up to that level (as far as I can judge). It would have been interesting to try and photograph – how do you set white balance when the whole point is that the colour balance is off?

      Hope your cold is recovering!