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Slip and Slide

I used a sharp knife when I was preparing dinner this morning… and managed to slice into the end of my left thumb. Ouch! Protected with a plaster, I was able to carry on with preparing the food but then I was down to play bass at church. How was that going to go? It turns out it was okay as I don’t have the habit of squeezing my thumb into the back of the neck. Indeed, with the plaster on my finger and an incentive to press lighter than ever, my playing was positively fluid at times.

Now, for tonight’s jazz jam (The Red Lion, Brightwell cum Sotwell, 7pm) the question is whether to plaster up in advance? I think I’ll risk leaving it bare as the air exposure is good for the wound but I might slip a plaster into my case as a precaution if it does open up!

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