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Even though the paper I bought the other day is heavier than what I had previously been working on, it still buckles to some extent when loaded with water. Therefore, I need to learn the art of stretching my paper.

Close up of my paper stretching


Jane dug up a couple of rolls of suitable tape – brown paper with a gummed side that becomes sticky when damp. I decided to stretch two A4 sheets at once, which given that both have an uneven section, might have been a bit ambitious. However, my painting is still going through the experimental stage where I’m mainly learning skills rather than trying to produce finished work, so it should be okay even if neither turn out quite perfect.

I’m looking forward to getting home this evening and seeing how the drying out process is going. Meanwhile, I’m quite pleased with this simple image, which contrasts bold shapes with subtle textures. I took it with the iPad, trying a few ways of framing the picture and settling on this one, and I’ll count it as this week’s 52photos contribution.

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