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Wet Shepherds

This was the glorious sky I saw on Wednesday evening:

Dramatic sunset - red reflecting off blue clouds

Red Sky at Night

Does that count as a red sky? If it does, it suggests that “Red sky at night: shepherds’ delight” is rather useless as a guide for meteorology as Thursday was grey and wet.

I also took a portrait format version (click to view on Flickr and look at its neighbour) and lots of images I discarded. Some of those were from the iPad, which I couldn’t get to properly capture the depth of colour. Back on my DSLR, I use a 90mm lens (to more easily poke out of the window and avoid including part of the house) and tried a number of settings, settling on a fairly wide aperture in order to allow a handholding friendly shutter speed. I particularly like the sharp detail of the tree tops in the bottom right to anchor the composition.

This might be an image to work up into a painting but, for now, it will do as another for my 52photos project.

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