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Have a listen to this short snippet, which I recorded last night:

That’s me on bass and me again on… well, actually on bass again, except it sounds a lot like a funky jazz organ thanks to my new EHX B9 pedal. This ‘organ machine’ is one of a series of pedals from EHX which transform instruments like guitar and bass into something that sounds much more like it is coming from the keys domain.

I’ve had the pedal just over a week so a lot more experimentation is called for. The best practical use so far has been at church where, with the organ effect blended down low, it creates the hint of an organ player vamping along and filling out the band without drawing too much attention to itself.

It works well on both guitar and bass, although the tracking gets a bit flaky in the lowest part of the bass range. However, as it is generating sound at least one octave below on most of the settings, I can just play higher without sacrificing low-end sound. It also needs a bit of adjustment on playing technique and not every approach translates equally well. However, when you hit the notes cleanly, including chords and fast note runs, is is remarkable how well it keeps up.

Time to get listening to some more Jimmy Smith.

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