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Downloadkill sounds to me like either a (probably schlocky) sci fi novel or a (probably equally schlocky) metal band. However, it turns out to be a phrase used in South Korea to refer to the suicides resulting from the malignant practice of posting and watching voyeuristic videos. Many people are taking advantage of technology to film up skirts, down into toilets and other views that leave the victims feeling shamed, sometimes to the point of taking their own lives.

A video report from the BBC website explains how the Korean police have come up with an attempt to counter this, posting faked videos that seem to fit the genre until suddenly revealing the potential consequences. Some of the make up is, well, schlocky but it directly presents viewers with the potential consequences of what many of them probably see as harmless fun. It will be interesting to know if it works but I hope it does have the intended impact and not just become other thrill for the voyeurs.

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