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It Stains!

Turmeric is enjoying a bit of a vogue as a miracle ingredient, getting added to all sorts of things and promising wonderful health benefits. Powdered turmeric has been available for a long time but fresh roots are also becoming available. Earlier this year, I spotted them in one of the Asian supermarkets on Cowley Road (Tahmid Stores, I think) and, this weekend, I picked up a small pack in my local Tescos.

So far I’ve made ‘golden milk’ (some chopped root heated in milk along with some fresh ground black pepper and ground cinnamon) and used some more chopped root to spice up some cauliflower I was reheating in the oven to go with yesterday’s dinner. All very nice and I’ve still got plenty left.

Taste and texture is not dissimilar to the much more familiar ginger root. However, they weren’t exaggerating on the packet when they said it stains. I’ve got yellow blotches on some of my fingertips and dotted across my hands, even after scrubbing. I think you’ll be able to tell if I keep up this turmeric habit just by seeing how yellow my hands are!

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