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A Video is Born

Tonight I have been working on cutting together footage from filming the Junior and Youth Church groups at St Clement’s did yesterday afternoon. As you might have guessed from my post title, it is a Nativity play. I couldn’t help with the filming as I had a choir practice to go to later in the afternoon but I was glad to be able to help with pulling together the video and sound clips provided.

Creating videos can be pretty time-consuming so I think I’ve done pretty well to get this epic… well, 4.5 minute, drama spliced into something coherent. Fortunately there was plenty of video to work with and a separate audio narrative that only needed minimal snipping, so I had a strong backbone and a decent choice of material to select from. Along with a few judicious choices of filters, transitions and titles, I’m pleased with the result.

It isn’t quite done though. One of the reasons for trying to get my part done quickly is that it now goes back to one of the senior members of the youth group who is going to compose a soundtrack to round it out so I want to give him as much time as possible. If you want to see the result, the world premiere will be at St Clement’s, Oxford on the morning of Sunday 17 December with a few more screenings expected throughout the rest of the season.

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