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Framed Tomatoes

I now have my tomatoes watercolour framed and up on the wall:

Mounted and framed watercolour painting

Stained Tomatoes – Framed

Having taken the trouble to set up a tripod, allowing me to use a slow shutter speed without having to worry about camera shake, and having custom set the white balance, I am going to add this one to my 52photos project. It has also had some post-processing – a small correction to the rotation, cropping, sharpening and contrast enhancement. I decided to frame the photo to a clear 3:4 ratio rather than just keeping an even distance from all edges of the wooden frame; by breaking the general symmetry, I think that enhances the overall image.

You might recall that I was considering how to frame this painting a month or two ago. I didn’t refer directly back to those photos but you can see how, using the inner mask Jane found, I have carried on some of the lines from the painting to integrate it into the frame. A pleasing reminder of this year’s tomato harvest.

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