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Picking My Technique

The first and second fingers on my right hand still look a bit gruesome (and feel tender) after yesterday’s double bass exuberance so I opted to play with a plectrum at church this morning.

I think it is probably years since I last tried ‘pick bass’ but my electric guitar playing seems to have filled in the gap. Plectrum playing is familiar to me even if normally on smaller, closer spaced strings and I managed to generally hit the notes I wanted when I wanted them. It does create a distinctively different sound and, once my fingers are back to rights, I’ll probably return to finger style approaches.

However, it is perhaps something I might pull out from time to time – certain songs and styles suit plectrum playing better so it is an option to keep in mind… particularly now I seem to have learned how to hold onto a plectrum and not let it fly off stage mid-song.