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Tiring Renewal

I discovered this morning that something had gone awry with one of the web servers at work. I’m not normally in on a Friday but was only a phone call away. The problem was related to SSL certificates, which I had updated on the machine earlier in the month. However, I think a later round of SSL related work led to a problem when I attempted to fix a side issue while my mind was concentrating on a different concern. The main concern was sorted but, because of what psychologists call anchoring, I probably didn’t give enough attention to testing my quick fix and ended up putting the old certificate back.

This was fine until it expired last night! I ended up popping in for half an hour or so, as trying to talk staff on site through what to look for and what commands to execute was slow and didn’t seem to be getting things fixed. I was quickly able to confirm that an old certificate was still being pointed to, drop the new one back in and get things up and running again.

Job done… but an oxymoronically tiring renewal process!

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