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Hello Makala

Today was a new uke day. Jane and I visited Thame and one of the aims was to see what Vintage & Modern Guitars had in stock. They got us sat down in the ukulele corner, lent us a tuner and let us get on with it – popping over to offer us a hot drink but not hassling us at all as we compared six or seven concert sized instruments.

In the end, we settled on about the cheapest of the bunch, a Makala Concert MK-C model. It wasn’t the nicest looking and it only has cheap looking, open tuners but we liked the way it sounded. Our particular criteria was the tone of the C string, the thickest on a regularly tuned uke (gCEA). Some we weren’t happy with, some sounded okay but the Makala had a beautifully round, bell-like tone.

We also got them to fit a couple of strap buttons and picked up a gig bag. Our existing concert ukulele, on which the C string tone has been beginning to irk us, probably hasn’t been helped by carrying round in a bag which only just fits it, so we’ve gone for more generous dimensions on this (technically a tenor uke bag but it fits well). Thumbs up to the shop, which sits alongside Camden’s bass specialist, The Gallery, as an example of top notch service and time to get on with some playing.

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