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Lens Painting

Blurred pattern of green and yellow

Blurred Flowers

This could be an abstract painting but is actually a photo softened by being entirely out of focus. Distinct form isn’t there to identify the flowers (probably Coreopsis) but there is pattern in the arrangement of contrast and colour.

I might have a go at creating something like this in watercolour although, especially without masking fluid, I think it would be a challenge for the medium. Perhaps a composite approach, like some of the work by Yu Yeung Tchine available in Google’s Cultural Institute could work? I’ll have to play around with the idea and see what I come up with.

The original photo was taken with my 90mm Vivitar lens at f/8… but I think I won’t repeat the 52photos project this year as I expect to be doing more painting that photography. That said, I thought 2017 would be all about using the camera so it is perhaps a bit early to declare anything now.

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