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Myrtle Gin 2017

Today, I’ve knocked up a quick label for the latest batch of Myrtle Gin:

Bottle label

Myrtle Gin 2017

I transferred it into bottles on Friday but picked the berries and set them marinating in gin along with some sugar and various spices in mid-December. For this batch, I reduced the sugar content to about a third of the bottle rather than about half and used cinnamon, cloves, allspice and mace. It is a paler colour than last year but less syrupy. I wonder if the sugar extracts more colour or if I used less berries (according to my notes, I picked more but I can’t remember if I used a 75cl bottle or a full litre like I did this time).

I created the label by hand using the Procreate app on my iPad – like hand drawing but instantly digital and thus avoiding the need to scan and allowing the circles and lines to be added as a simple overlay.

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