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Probably the Vinegar

Lunch at work normally involves leftovers – something from a recent meal at home either sandwiched in bread or suitable to eat with a spoon or fork. Every now and then, after last night when dinner was itself reheated leftovers from the freezer, there isn’t anything left so, this morning it was onto plan B: using up some of the raw, shredded savoy cabbage in the fridge instead.

I duly prepared it with some chopped up gherkins and Wensleydale cheese, a bit of mayonnaise and a dash of red wine vinegar. Come lunchtime and it turned out to be more delicious than I’d expected; not just something to keep me going but something I wanted to eat.

I think the magic ingredient was probably the vinegar – enough to add a pleasant edge but without overpowering the salad. Mind you, the texture of the cabbage, the flavour nuggets of gherkin and cheese and the way that oily mayonnaise serves to bind a dish together beyond the sum of its parts probably helped too. Certainly something I’d choose to make again.

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