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Quite Shellfish

I am quite pleased with my little piece of woodwork from the weekend, which was intended as a shelf and, indeed, has turned out quite shelf-like (I’m sure this is the definition to be found in the Uxbridge English Dictionary).

Specifically, the challenge was to create a narrow shelf above a door on which we could fasten a magnetic knife rack on the bottom. In turn, that allows us to suspend small spice jars, with strong magnets in their lids, holding various powders and other herbs and spices. I ended up chiselling out a gap in the back of the narrow shelf to fit another piece of wood that was screwed to the wall. I managed to get the joint so tight that it might have held by itself although I’ve added a couple of screws to reinforce that. The knife rack went on the bottom and, so far, all seems good.

It is a while since I last did any woodwork but am pleased with this result so maybe I’ll try another project before long.

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