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Worth Less Than Half

They say “buy cheap, buy twice”. Ironically, the Kitchen Craft Peeler we picked up from Steamer Trading just over a week ago was a second purchase and about half price in the sale… and completely useless. I think the peeler we had been using has migrated into the compost heap again (it has done that before) so we picked up one a couple of months ago which was okay but I didn’t find particularly good at peeling – not enough room under the swivel blade. However, it has done better than the Kitchen Craft one, which looks nicer but (IMHO) has a shank that is far too short.

Peeling some parsnips the other day, the shank popped out and despite trying to squeeze it back in, reinforcing the socket with some wound wire, it gave up again today. An extra 5mm of metal would probably make all of the difference, spreading the pressure rather than concentrating it.

Time, I think, to go back to the original plan B, which looks like it is made to last.

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