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Black and Blues Guitar

I’m not at home this weekend so, to push on towards my RPM Challenge go, I’ve borrowed a guitar that was to hand and come up with this track:

The recording was done using GarageBand on my iPad with a master track and then a second, supporting one on the same instrument. It’s an old, black archtop acoustic that has seen better days – you can press on the body to bend notes and two large splits are developing on either side of the front of the body where the neck joins it. Consequently, it doesn’t do so well at staying in tune but I think it fits the mood of the piece, especially that jarring final note.

I’ve also not had a chance to listen back on headphones although I have imported it into Logic for some tweaking and played it through a reasonable sound system. When I get home, I might end up remixing but, for now, here is some black and blues guitar.

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