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Don’t Fret About Football

Another day, another track for the RPM challenge. Three tracks and twelve minutes in, I’m about a third of the way through although it isn’t so much that I’m aiming to over achieve as that I’m simply aware that I’ve got a few patches coming up (like the next week) when I won’t easily be able to carve out time to keep up the pace. Anyhow, here is Don’t Fret About Football:

Apologies for the pun based title but it is a game of two halves played on fretless instruments. Go to about the half-way mark and you’ll hear the underlying drone (bowed double bass) change from F# to A, indicative of the tonal centre shifting from F# minor to A major. All the overlaying tracks are played on my Washburn XB-600, which I had defretted a while ago (except for the odd beat in the background, which is simply a handclap pattern to mark the 5/4 pulse with heavy FX).

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