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Jumping Up

Yesterday I finally took the jump of upgrading my MacBook Pro from macOS Sierra to macOS High Sierra. Most of the time I have made the annual autumn upgrade earlier but this one changes the underlying file system so I gave plenty of time for the dust to settle. However, not only have the frequent upgrade prompts been annoying (upgrade or view details… so extra clicks if you want to put it off) but recent security patches have come much more quickly for High Sierra than for Sierra so I needed to leap at some point.

Backups checked, I pressed the button and it was actually a pretty painless process. It took the best part of an hour but I had another computer on my desk and a few chores to do away from the desk so was only minimally disruptive. Most things on the upgraded system seem to behave just fine although not quite to the vaunted ‘it just works’ slogan. I ended up reinstalling MacVim (the OS specific version of my favourite text editor) as the previous version seemed to run but had forgotten how to display any windows! On the other hand, I seem to be getting a (harmless) additional window when I open my VirtualBox virtual machines. There is a lot more software to try and it won’t surprise me if I have to do one or two more reinstalls before I’m done.

Still I’ve made the leap and seem to have landed on solid ground even if, so far, it doesn’t seem obviously higher for the things I use my Mac for.

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