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Screens Down

Today is Ash Wednesday so I need to commit to my Lenten discipline for the coming season and I’ve picked… drum roll… screens off after 9:30pm. It isn’t the most significant privation but, as someone who is often looking at either a laptop or tablet screen late into the evening, I think it will make a difference for me.

It means I will have to get computer-based tasks finished earlier in the evening (or make an effort to get up early). It also means no staying up to watch movies and other programmes late at night. I will allow myself one exception per week but otherwise I’ll try to stick to it fairly scrupulously.

So, what will I do with the time? Perhaps some early nights (limiting late night screen time is also meant to be good for getting better sleep quality). Certainly some reading and probably some painting and drawing too. Perhaps some music if it won’t be disturbing anyone. And, given that it is a Lenten discipline, perhaps even some quiet reflective time, enjoying the process of being undistracted.

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