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Back From the Dead

The reason yesterday’s post in the Art category was unillustrated was that my laptop was in a worrying state that could have been death so I composed and posted from my iPad instead – a brilliant, handy device but, IMHO, not quite a laptop replacement even with the keyboard accessory. My mistake had been to launch the install of a new update to take me to macOS 10.13.4. I thought it would be a quick one but it seemed to stall and I started to worry.

After using the iPad to do some reading, I powered off the machine and restarted. It brought up the login prompt – phew… – but then reverted to the installer screen: just an Apple logo and progress bar which seemed to get further but then sat at the halfway mark for 2-3 hours. With no sounds of disk activity, I powered off, unplugged and went to bed hoping that my back up plans would prove to be sufficient.

This morning, fortunately, things worked better. Login prompt (good). Install screen (not so good) .., but this time it had an estimated time remaining. Since the time remaining was counting down and perhaps faster than might be expected, I felt relieved and, finally, I was up and running again. I can’t claim any real credit other than not panicking and, yes, a certain amount of laying on hands and praying for the blessed little device!

Theologically, the celebration of a much more significant resurrection happens tomorrow. Today isn’t really a day to throw a party (although you can catch me playing jazz at about 9pm at the Harcourt Arms in Jericho, Oxford). However, while worrying about a computer really is trivial in comparison to the person you pinned your hopes on being murdered for the sake of political gain by an unjust state, it will be one of the resonances that support the celebration planned for tomorrow morning’s Easter Day!

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