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Good Day for Drawing

Today is Good Friday and it has turned out to be a good day for drawing.

This morning, I went on the annual ‘walk of witness’ in East Oxford, where people from several local churches gather to have an outdoor service that processes from point to point down Cowley Road. This year, I did a quick pencil sketch at each of the six stations. None of them were brilliant but, back home, I redrew parts from a couple of them on the same page and then extended the lines down on the opposite page creating something that I think I might try working up in paint.

This afternoon, Jane and I went to an hour long reflective service at St Clement’s. I was playing bass for the hymn that was interspersed through the service and, during the readings and reflections, did a more studied drawing of the small ‘Lamb of God’ mosaic that adorns the front of the church. Again, something I could see developing as a painting.

Material to work on and, perhaps, some images that will bring the words, music and contemplations of a Good Friday back to mind when I revisit them in future.

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