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In Memoriam: David Forrester-Barker

This morning we laid my father to rest in a quiet place not far from his Devon home. David Forrester-Barker, who passed towards the end of last month, was a deeply creative man. Like a masterful painting, his life contained contrasts and tensions, the reflection of light and a wealth of subtle detail. There are many who recognise a debt of gratitude for the encouragement, inspiration and care that were key colours painted through his life.

In latter years, we realised he was waning: instruments left untouched and his canvas reduced in size. We feared what might follow but, while we looked for the budding of spring outside, Dad bounded ahead, from slowly dying into promised life, leaping past death’s sting and into the eternal day.

We laid his body in this beautiful natural burial ground under earth’s blanket and ocean’s breath. I can’t think of any kind of place more appropriate to show our respect and capture the memory of the man we mourn and miss. While we feel sadness for our loss, we take comfort that David Forrester-Barker has entered into the fulness of joy that is the serious business of heaven.

Unfettered, unveiled and re-membered, he is made full on God’s celestial shore, where we have hope to one day join him.

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