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Acrylic painting

Valjean’s Freedom

This is a painting I am working on based on the sketch I posted on Thursday. All the painting I have done recently has been in the medium of watercolours but the summer school course I am taking this year (Composition and Colours for Painters) will be using acrylics and so I want to develop a reasonable ability to handle these too. A significant difference is that acrylics are typically quite opaque and you can layer light over dark as well as vice versa. Another difference that I need to keep in mind is that acrylics set quite quickly and can’t be re-wet and reused; with acrylic painting, there is a lot more cleaning of palettes to do while I might keep a watercolour paint going on my palette for months.

Is this painting finished yet? Possibly not but I think I’m reaching the point where I’ve realised my basic intention and risk making it better rather than worse. Probably time to set it aside for a while; once I’ve learned more about using the medium, I might have ideas for how I can sensibly take it forward.


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