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To Crop or Not

Last night, I decided to squeeze in a bit of painting before the light failed. With little time to ponder a subject, I decided to work with what I could see out of the window and make use of the colours already on my palette. I started with a blind drawing in watercolour pencil and had started blocking it in when the phone went but I’ve put more work into it today, creating this:

Abstract painting of houses

Houses – Uncropped

However, I’m not sure about the window over on the right. It has a certain charm in its na├»ve depiction but I think it is too ‘windowy’ to match the abstraction of the rest of the piece. When it was dry, I put it in a frame and put it downstairs to view from different angles, which led me to the idea that maybe I could crop it to a square:

Watercolour painting of houses, cropped down

Houses – Cropped

Which do you prefer? I am definitely leaning towards the second and, given that watercolour doesn’t allow for endless reworking, I am inclined to leave it there. Of course, the crop doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. If I display it in a frame with a wide mask, I don’t actually need to physically slice off the section I’m less keen on but can leave it there for a future collector to ponder!

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