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Traces of Weather

Driving back up to Oxford today was interesting. Given the extreme weather at the end of last week, it was a blessedly straightforward journey, but what caught my attention was the varying amount of snow in different places. Some seemed to have been completely untouched, with all traces gone. In other places drifted snow outlined the fields but you could clearly see green and brown earth and the black lines of the hedges, like a picture that hadn’t been coloured in to the edges. Just now and then, there was evidence of heavier snow – like the services at Taunton Deane, which had much less parking space than normal due to uncleared snow.

In the south, at least, the thaw has set in and wet but warmer seems to be on the menu for the week ahead. Hopefully that won’t be such volumes of water as to leave its own traces clearly visible etched across the landscape.

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