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Bring a Three Year Old

Later today, I’m running a free drawing workshop at St Clement’s (Marston Road, Oxford) – 1:30-3:00pm if you fancy coming along. Bring pens, pencils and paper if you want although materials will be available. The session is part of our preparation for taking part in the county-wide Artweeks 2018 event but anyone can come along, whether or not they have a regular connection with the church and whether or not they might want to put something in for the church’s exhibition (12-20 May).

I am going to take participants through a range of exercises based on the idea of ‘blind’ or ‘contour’ drawing, which was a major part of re-igniting my visual creativity last year. The wonderful thing about this kind of drawing is that it encourages you to make marks on the page based on what you see but, since you aren’t allowed to look at what you are drawing, takes away the pressure to produce something you consider presentable. Personally, I find plenty of delightful lines appearing on my pages but it gets over the hurdle of feeling I have to produce something that might appear clever to other people.

And what about three year olds? I will be delighted if anyone brings children along. The kind of work this produce and leads to is often dismissed with the sentiment that ‘my three year old could have done better’. Possibly but, while I hope to encourage children of all ages, the scientific part of me would love a chance to put that criticism to the test.

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