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Going to Seed

Most of the tomato seedlings I planted have germinated now, or at least the ones I saved myself. To be fair, the commercial packets were well past their sow-by dates so I’m not going to be too surprised or disappointed if nothing comes up although I should try to get rid of them before next year. However, I have got seedlings from Artisan Purple (a dark skinned variety that I bought last year as plants), Golden Sunrise (yellow skinned) and Legend Bush (a larger tomato and descendants of the seeds I bought for my first spring in this garden).

I’m watching them carefully. As the seedlings start to develop true leaves, I’ll need to begin feeding, thinning out the weaker specimens and potting up the stronger ones. Meanwhile though, I need to start digging back into my seed stash to see what else needs to be set going; seed in the packet doesn’t do any good and I’ve got plenty that needs putting in soil as we begin to move towards summer.

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