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That Didn’t Last Long!

At the end of last week, I mentioned getting an old kettle out of the loft. I think we might have remembered why it went up there in the first place. Jane heard something rattling around over the weekend and a screw popped out. Not a good sign for something that mixes boiling water and electricity so we decided to bite the bullet and get a new kettle.

Two in fact. One is an Aicok variable temperature kettle. At £40 it was relatively cheap compared to a lot of the variable temperature ones but seemed to have good reviews so we’ll give that a spin. So far, it works well but it is early days. The other one ought to last for a long, long time. It is a Buckingham ‘retro’ induction kettle – essentially a stove top kettle with a large flat area of ferrous metal on the bottom so that we can take advantage of our induction hob. So far, it seems quicker and more fuel efficient than the electric kettle although that comes into its own for drinks where we want water heated to less than boiling.

And the Inkbird device? Holding a nice steady temperature on the 3Bird brew – much more consistent than I ever got with a timer plug and, from a recent indication of temperature rise without applied heat, it looks like fermentation is now really kicking off. I expect it to climb a bit and then the Inkbird will cushion the fall and stop it getting too cold while the last of the yeast mops up more of the fermentable sugars.

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